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i forgot to post my screenshots the other day so i’ll do that today

basically i got to play toontown for the first time in years and wow i forgot how much i missed this place! i remade my very first toon, but i decided this time i’m not going to go soundless just because of the pain with putting up with it on runs and with others. maybe trapless? or dropless i’m not sure.

anyway, despite all my complaining about the servers and playline in general, i must say that i am sososososo proud of the entire ttr team because wow it’s amazing how much they’ve managed to accomplish!!! the music! the buildings (even the ones you kinda just walk past)!! but what really got me is the improved dialogue with npcs and i’m not sure why but it just seems more natural somehow? everything is exactly how i remember it!

of course there are still bugs. that was going to be a given, but it seemed that they didn’t necessarily interfere with gameplay too bad?? at least mine didn’t anyway. the only real interference, again, is the servers, which i’m sure will improve over time. that’s not to say that they shouldn’t continue to tweak the game because, if they do so, the game will certainly be quality. 

i have high hopes for what the ttr team can do, especially after watching the toontown election and providing some backstory on the cog invasion. i’m hoping we get more history on toontown and added content in terms of cog nation and maybe the chairman. any added content in general will make me very happy and probably make others happy too. maybe even add a new species and new areas to explore in the future?

i definitely recommend that others try out this game. now that it is all free to the public, i see this having a lot of potential and bringing in a brand new audience. it took me days to finally get a session to play and i thought i’d never get on due to server issues. but i finally did and so my advice is to just not give up!!!!! this game is totally worth it!

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